Pay it Forward: Refugee raising money to provide water, electricity to his home village

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Pay it Forward: Refugee raising money to provide water, electricity to his home village (Photo provided by Sam Rogers)

(KUTV) Samuel Rogers has been coaching soccer for seven years.

"I really love the game of soccer," Rogers said.

He played the sport in his home village in Liberia.

"When I was in Africa playing soccer, it made me forget about everything that was going on around me," he said.

Rogers came to the United States as a refugee 12 years ago, with no other family. But he hasn't forgotten where he came from.

"I decided to do something to help my village," he said.

Rogers set up four generators in the village to provide the people with electricity and water.

"Instead of going two miles to get water, the water is about two minutes away from their house," Rogers said as he explained the benefits of the generators.

The local children also use the generators do to their homework every night--something that is important to Rogers, who is also a teacher.

"We have one light in one location so all the kids can meet together and share ideas," he said.

But now, there is a problem--three of the generators are broken.

Rogers has been using his own money to pay for the generators and the repairs.

"In the months of June and July, I'm not teaching, so my financial income is very low," he said.

He needs about $4,000 to fix the broken machines and wants to do it as soon as possible. He has received support from the kids and their families on his soccer team, but they are looking for more help.

"I know I received the help as a refugee coming to this country. Someone helped me, so I think if I can give back to my community it would be really helpful," he said.

He eventually wants to set up a better system to provide water and energy to the village, but wants to take care of the generators first.

Mountain America Credit Union stepped in to donate $500 to help Rogers' village.

You can help, too.

If you would like to donate, you can visit Rogers' Go Fund Me page.