Pay it Forward: Woman makes dresses for rescued victims of child sex trafficking

Pay it Forward: Woman makes dresses for rescued victims of child sex trafficking (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Arda Molen loves to be creative. She paints and she sings. But most days, she sews.

"I do it six, eight hours a day," she said.

Right now, her sewing room is filled with dozens of dresses. They will go to little girls all over the world--to places like Cambodia, Mexico, Africa, and India.

Molen was inspired to make the dresses after watching the documentary, "The Abolitionists."

"When we saw that, that opened my eyes to the need of that," she said.

She wanted to help girls rescued from sex trafficking jump-start their new life.

"If you present the with a brand new dress, they feel like they're pretty again," she said.

She gives the dresses to the organization Operation Underground Railroad and to any group that can distribute them to young girls in need.

"Send them anywhere anybody will take them," Molen said.

A terrible car accident left Molen with some pain, making some pinning and sewing difficult.

"I've had several back operations and it hurts my back and it hurts my hands," she said.

So family and friends have jumped in to help her with the difficult parts.

But when she's hurting, she looks at the pictures of the girls she has already helped.

"And then I can do it. Because I can't think of anything worse for them," she said.

Molen and her helpers have made over 2,000 dresses over the past couple of years.

She hopes to keep going as long as she can.

"I told my husband I'll be doing it the day I die," she said.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to Molen to help her get more materials and make more beautiful, colorful dresses.

For more information about Operation Underground Railroad, visit its website.

If you'd like to help with the effort to make dresses, contact KUTV through the Pay it Forward submission button and we will connect you.