Person 2 Person: Caleb Chapman

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Person 2 Person: Caleb Chapman (Photo provided by Caleb Chapman)

(KUTV) Caleb Chapman is a musician behind the Crescent Super Band and the Soundhouse, a music school where kids can learn different instruments and styles.

Caleb Chapman's Soundhouse is one of the most award-winning music schools in the world.

"I've always had a passion for music and working with kids," said Chapman. "So if I had the opportunity to be able to do that for other people, I wanted to be able to do that."

His teaching career started after he returned from an LDS mission. A former student at Brigham Young University told Chapman about a school in American Fork that needed a saxophone teacher.

"I thought, 'Sure I'll try that,'" Chapman remembered. "And that led to about a thousand other 'Well, I'll try that,' kind of things."

He eventually founded the Soundhouse, and plans on franchising the school.

Over the next ten years, Chapman wants to open 140 locations around the world.

He also hopes to change how music is taught.

"There's a need for us to kind of rethink the music education model, and start meeting kids where their interests are," he said.

He believes that starting with music kids are passionate about will give the motivation to dedicate the time to learning other styles and become the best in the world.

The Soundhouse has 20 different ensembles of all different styles and the Crescent Super Band serves as its flagship group.

"That's kind of where the best players of all these different styles come together," said Chapman.

All of the students are expected to play at a professional level.

"They really just blow people away. They just can't believe that the sound is coming from these kids," Chapman said.

Chapman considers the kids he teaches as family.

"You do become attached to them and then they go off. But then they go off and do great things," he said.

To him, music isn't the most important skill the students are learning.

"It's these critical life skills that being involved in music at that level develops," he said.

Chapman is a very talented musician himself. He is an accomplished saxophone player and has played with bands like Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, and more.

He is also involved in a new project with David Osmond called the Osmond Chapman Orchestra.

"At this point in my life, playing saxophone's part of my identity. If I let that go, it feels like I've lost a part of myself," Chapman said.

Chapman's hope is that he can improve music education.

"I think that there is something about music that changes the world in a different way than anything else," he said. "But that music education is being lost and taken away in a lot of the country, and I'm hoping--as crazy as it sounds--I'm just one person, but I'd like to think that I can change that."

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