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Person 2 Person: Christine Heathman (Photo provided by Christine Heathman)

(KUTV) Christine Heathman is the founder and CEO of GlyMed Plus, a professional skin care line that is based in Utah.

She also works with celebrities, and was instrumental in bringing esthetic licensing requirements to the state.

GlyMed came to be because of Heathman's own bad skin. She grew up with terrible acne.

She didn't study the field of skin care or get a degree associated with it, but she had a passion for skin care.

Heathman had tried so many different skin care systems that didn't work. She was also a make-up artist, but couldn't cover up her skin problems with make-up.

"Because I had acne, and nobody wants to have acne, you can only put so much make-up on. I just started studying. And then I cleared up my own acne," Heathman said.

She also started working with burn patients and people with severe skin problems and hospitals in the San Francisco Bay area.

"Nobody paid attention to those who had been in car accidents, or who had been burned," she said.

Finally a plastic surgeon mentioned to her that she ought to develop her own skin care products. And she decided to fight for people with severe skin problems with her company.

Heathman was the oldest of eight children, and was encouraged by her parents to pursue her dreams.

"I have to say my dad never got in my way," she said. "I really wanted to explore. And my dad was always telling me I could do what I wanted to do."

As she was building her company, Heathman was also a single mom with two sons.

"I just did what I had to do. I never game up. And despite the mistakes that I made, I just kept going," she said of juggling the roles. "It's about having a passion and a love for what you do. It's all about that. And I want people to feel good about themselves."

When she was growing up, she describes herself as a "skinny, flat-chested girl" who used to get teased and bullied. So she felt compassion for others who may have experienced the same treatment.

"When you know how it feels, you want to be able to transfer positive to another person. And how I transferred that positive was through skin care," Heathman said.

Heathman not only loves people, but animals as well--especially horses.

When she was younger, she would do anything to be by a horse, including skip school.

"When I go out with my horses, it's like they just calm me down and they give me love. And there's just nothing better than that," she said.

Heathman wants to be remembered as "someone who cares about people, who cares about those that society just kind of looks past."

"It's the people that are important to me," she said.

For more about Christine Heathman and GlyMed Plus, visit her website.

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