Person 2 Person: Dan Farr

Person 2 Person: Dan Farr (Photo courtesy Salt Lake Comic Con)

(KUTV) Dan Farr is behind one of the most well-attended events in Utah--Salt Lake Comic Con.

It is the third largest comic con in the country, and the largest per capita in North America.

Farr knew the idea of starting a comic con in Utah had potential after attending conventions in other cities.

"I saw just the energy and the excitement there, but there's so many aspects of it that I couldn't have imagined happening," he said. "I didn't realize that it would become such an important part of culture."

Farr is from Utah and "understands the culture" of its various fandoms.

But, he didn't grow up with comic book collections. Rather, he got into the 3D digital modeling industry.

He started DAZ 3D in 2000 and began attending different conventions.

"When I went there as a vendor, I got pulled into the energy. I loved it," Farr said.

Farr also met people like Lou Ferrigno, Kevin Sorbo, William Shatner, and Stan Lee.

He also talked to people behind the conventions to figure out why there wasn't one in Utah. Many of them told him it was something that was looked at for sometime in the future.

"I'm thinking, 'Utah--we're prime for this here,'" Farr said.

Farr started working with Bryan Brandenburg to get Salt Lake Comic Con off the ground.

"I took him to a comic con in Portland when they opened one there," Farr recalled. "He came in, he felt the energy the same way I got pulled into it."

That energy from fans at Salt Lake Comic Con is something that is hard for Farr to explain.

"It's almost like you can cut it with a knife. It's just so powerful," he said.

He calls the ability to get excited about a celebrity or creator the "fan gene."

"I enjoy all the pop culture stuff. I love all the Avenger movies and Star Wars. I love Star Trek, all that stuff, so I don't want to discredit myself. But, I don't know that I have the 'fan gene,'" he said.

Instead, Farr lives vicariously through the fans that attend Salt Lake Comic Con. He likes to stand near the lines and watch fans meet their favorite celebrities and feel their excitement.

"I feel like I had a part in pulling this together," he said.

He also feels humbled by the success of Salt Lake Comic Con and FanXperience.

"I do realize that this is so much bigger than what I could have thought it'd be, or anything that I could have created on my own," he said.

And even though the events have seen some financial success, Farr's biggest reward is the people who are impacted by them.

"People will come in, and they'll get involved, and they'll make friends, and find these people that have the common interest, and it just brings people together from all walks of life," he said.

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