Person 2 Person: Dan Young

Person 2 Person: Dan Young (Photo: Courtesy Dan Young)

(KUTV) -- Dan Young is the CEO and founder of PC Laptops.

Young grew up in southern California, where many of his friends got involved in drugs and gangs.

To try and prevent that, Young's parents enrolled him in an after school program to get him interested in technology.

"It's like, 'hey, you can play video games after school now instead of hanging out with bad friends,'" Young said.

But when Young became a teenager, he said he did go down a bad path.

"Did bad teenage stuff and got in big trouble," he said. "But it was that seed that pulled back to technology kind of always drew me back."

His parents eventually sent him to live with his sister for a summer. She worked as an academic advisor at the University of Utah.

Young eventually got a job working at an electronics store and became one of its top computer salesman.

"Then one day my boss was like, 'We're going out of business, so probably should be looking for new work,'" recalled Young.

He asked for a list of customers who bought computers from him.

"I actually went and I physically dialed all those customers who bought computers from me at this retail store," he said.

He gave them his pager number and told them to call him if they ever needed help. That was the beginning of PC Laptops.

He recalls the first year of business being $27,000 in the hole.

"I remember maxing all my credit cards. It was crazy," he said. "And that next year, we did over a million dollars in revenue."

The attention he was giving those customers came from a place of guilt, according to Young.

"I was really selling these people and pitching them all this stuff that we were going to do, and I kind of felt like, 'Gosh, these people are going to feel like they're not really getting what they were told.' Well, I've got to take care of it because I gave them my word," he said.

And caring for customers has been a theme in his business since the beginning.

He credits his parents with teaching him to never give up.

Young remembers growing up his family often had to scrape together money to afford dinner.

"I remember my mom crying because the fridge was empty, and she was trying to get money together to buy kids' dinner and I was like, 'This is just horrible,'" he said. "So I made myself a promise. I was like, I'm going to do whatever it takes so that they don't have to suffer like this."

Those experiences have led him to a personal and professional mantra.

"The purpose of my life now is really to try and find people's pains and heal them with whatever we do," he said.

Young recently started using social media to do just that.

It started with a video he posted, talking about how to deal with stress in life.

"No matter how bad life hits you in the face--you could lose everything--and how you deal with that is what defines you and makes you a human being," Young stated in his video.

He now posts photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram to help people learn how to heal themselves and others. He calls it Dan's Millionaire Code.

Young's parents have been able to witness his success, but he knows that's not what really matters in the end.

He learned from his father that "everything in life is simply on lease from our Creator."

"Since you're given the privilege to be able to have these tools while you're here, do something better for the world," Young said. "You're given this gift; you can't waste that."

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