Person 2 Person: David Locke

Person 2 Person: David Locke (Photo provided by David Locke)

(KUTV) David Locke is the radio voice of the Utah Jazz.

He also has a podcast network, where he hosts the Locked on Sports podcast.

Locke took over announcing for "Hot Rod" Hundley, a dream job he has had since he was a young boy.

His father always tells the story of Locke in the car while they drove down Wasatch Boulevard.

"I was listening to the radio and I said, 'I want to be that guy,'" Locke said. "And 'that guy' was Hot Rod."

Stepping into the legend's shoes was a big deal to Locke.

"You just have to know that I still do think every single day I'm doing Hot Rod's job," he said. "I'm just trying to do it in a way that he would be proud of."

Locke had the blessing of his mentor, and works to do his job differently with Twitter and a podcast.

"The morning podcast originated out of, 'I better do something else because my play-by-play is not going to be good enough to follow this guy who taught the NBA game to this marketplace," Locke said.

Locke received a lot of support from his parents while following his dream of being just like Hot Rod.

"My dad was really brilliant at redirecting every now and then," he said.

His father even bought him several radio shows as a gift for graduating from college.

Locke is a huge Utah Jazz fan, but he has to try to stay objective while broadcasting. He says he doesn't balance it very well.

"If we ever win a title, I'm going to be boo-hooing all over everything like a total mess," he said. "I care passionately. I can't wait until the next game."

Locke grew up with a learning disability, auditory dyslexia, that could present a challenge to his job.

He struggles with remembering and repeating numbers, which is an important part of calling a game.

"I went through most of my life not knowing it, just at times being a terrible student and really struggling with school," he said.

But now, he says it is "the greatest gift I have."

"Now it works to my advantage," he said. "I think I can get a lot done. I can think creatively."

Locke has come up with a color-coded system to help him with the numbers during games.

It works for him, and he doesn't plan on leaving Utah any time soon.

"I have no interest in living anywhere else. I have no interest in working for anyone else," he said.

He came to Utah from Seattle, a place he enjoyed, but he remembers thinking Utah was the place for him just a few days after moving here.

"I remember I was driving and I was in Park City, and I looked around and I was like, 'Ok, this is totally my soul spot. This is where I'm supposed to be,'" he said.

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