Person 2 Person: Jamie Glaser

Jamie Glaser is an accomplished musician who has made a name for himself by playing with big name artists and on popular television shows. However there was a time in Jamie's life when things looked very dark. Everything went downhill quickly after he experienced a major earthquake. It was with the help of some close friends that he has been able to bounce back and rise out of those tough times.

This week Shauna Lake talks to Jamie about his experiences including the highs of Hollywood alongside the extreme lows.

SHAUNA LAKE: I know you don't like to name drop, but so everyone can have a perspective of your career, name you know some of the people you played with.

JAMIE GLASER: I was with Jean-Luc Ponty who people may know from Frank Zappa, Elton John, and Rock and Roll with Bryan Adams, with Iggy Pop, with Chaka Khan. And I was the sound of Kramer, just the rock and roll parts mostly. And then Married With Children everything that Kelly did was me, all the battle of the bands, all that stuff. Saved By The Bell, Malcom in the Middle, Love Boat, Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, the source music for those of you out there who don't know what source music is, like if you hear music on a TV show and they're in a bar scene or something, the bands aren't really playing, it's prerecorded.

SHAUNA LAKE: What was the lifestyle like for you?

JAMIE GLASER: Those days in the '80s for sure were a little weird.

SHAUNA LAKE: What about excesses? You know these artists these bands...are you all kind of bound by an unwritten rule that you'll never discuss those things?

JAMIE GLASER: To be honest with you Shauna the bands I was with were too serious musically. I mean I was almost let go of on a band because I dared to smile during a sad song.

Jamie Glaser was riding high, in high demand, and making a lot of money. Then the bottom fell out. It started with the huge Northridge Earthquake in Southern California.

SHAUNA LAKE: Nineteen ninety-four, that's right? The big earthquake?


SHAUNA LAKE: You are stuck in your recording studio?

JAMIE GLASER: I decided to go into my studio, and a little bit before six in the morning the room started to shake and shake and suddenly I...I mean I used to have the guitars on the wall, everything came down and the lights were off. And I could hear glass breaking's interesting because it would be like a thousand car accidents.

SHAUNA LAKE: Did you feel like you were going to die?

JAMIE GLASER: Yes, yes I did. Actually my...what happened was, I actually thought I died.

SHAUNA LAKE: You had a mental breakdown.

JAMIE GLASER: Complete but it was worse than that because I didn't want to...I wasn't me anymore. I didn't want to work. I didn't want to play guitar or music. I didn't want to eat. It was like someone just took me and pulled me out of me.

Jamie writes about his harrowing experience in his book called, "Hear the Silence." He writes about the angels who saved his life, animals who taught him life lessons and of course about the biggest saving grace through it all, the music.

SHAUNA LAKE: Why did you decide to write the book?

JAMIE GLASER: Very important because I've been saved. I've been given a second chance, and I decided the reason why I was ill was so I could use whatever little recognition that I have, especially at the beginning, to help other people.

SHAUNA LAKE: Where do you see yourself in ten years from now...always music, music, music, music forever?


(Jamie performs part of the song he sang for his father)

SHAUNA LAKE: Perfect note to end on. Jamie Glaser...

JAMIE GLASER: Thank you it's my pleasure.

SHAUNA LAKE: So nice to get to know you better Person 2 Person.

JAMIE GLASER: Thank you so much.

SHAUNA LAKE: Thank you so much.

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