Person 2 Person: Keith Stubbs

Keith Stubbs is a standup comedian, a radio host, and the owner of all three Wiseguys comedy clubs. He manages all of this while also being a father to four children. During this week's Person 2 Person, Keith Stubbs sits down with Shauna Lake and says that while he loves his work, he loves his family even more.

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Below is a transcript of Shauna Lake's interview with Keith Stubbs:

SHAUNA LAKE: Comedy is a big part of your life but not the only facet of your life. Is that fair to say?

KEITH STUBBS: I would say that there are a lot of things that are important to me, but I would say family is more important than anything to tell you the truth. It may not seem that way, but I have four young children.

SHAUNA LAKE: What are their ages?

KEITH STUBBS: Fourteen, nine, seven, and five.

SHAUNA LAKE: Wow so they are young.


SHAUNA LAKE: How do you juggle all that because comedy I assume is a lot of weekends, a lot of nights.

KEITH STUBBS: Well I own Wiseguys comedy club. Also I'm a comedian. And that's actually…if you want to look at everything I do, comedy is the most important as far as career goes. I do standup comedy all over the place, and I have a radio show. So it's Wiseguys, comedy, radio show, and my family.

SHAUNA LAKE: I've always heard or read I guess that sometimes comics are some of the saddest people.


SHAUNA LAKE: That they're trying to be funny, but really they're masking a lot of sadness that they have. Would you say that?

KEITH STUBBS: The sad and lonely clown? Yeah you find a lot of that. As a matter of fact comics a lot of times hang out with each other because a lot of civilians and others don't really know what it's like. But no, I think being a comedian is, it's a tough business. You're really on your own. There's no recipe for success in the business. There's a lot of rejection, especially at the beginning.

SHAUNA LAKE: Did your funniness and your comic genius come from anywhere sad inside?

KEITH STUBBS: I think you could look back at my family. I come from a large family, seven kids, I was the fifth, I wanted attention, and I got a few laughs. And once you start getting a few laughs, you want more laughs.

SHAUNA LAKE: What was your growing up like?

KEITH STUBBS: I grew up in South Carolina. My dad was in the military. There were nine of us. Seven kids, my mom, and dad. We didn't have a lot of money. It was tough. It was tough. So whatever I did and whatever we've accomplished, we've worked hard.{ }{ }{ }

SHAUNA LAKE: So why Keith are you in Utah instead of like New York or L.A. or places like that where a comic could you know book steady gigs and be busy all the time?

KEITH STUBBS: Well when I first started doing standup comedy, it was in L.A. I was a stock broker.

SHAUNA LAKE: Yeah okay so in L.A.?

KEITH STUBBS: Here's what happened. In my early twenties, I was a door to door salesman. I didn't know what I wanted to do, really had no vision. I sold peepholes door to door in Southern California, like peepholes. And I knew whether or not they needed one because either they had one or they didn't. So I made a few bucks doing that. But I went and saw a movie. I saw the movie Wall Street the original, and I thought man that's what I want to do. So I went to Paine Webber in Los Angeles, and I walked in and I said, "I want to be a stock broker." They said, "Well where did you go to school?" I said, "Well I don't have a degree, but I went to BYU." "How long?" I go, "One semester." I said, "But this is what I want to do." And they believed me. So without any education or really knowing what I was getting into, I was offered a position to be a stock broker. But I left that to do standup comedy.

SHAUNA LAKE: Okay but did you like it?

KEITH STUBBS: I loved it.

SHAUNA LAKE: I'm struck though that you left a "sure thing" and went into something that's so unsure.


SHAUNA LAKE: I mean that took a lot of faith in yourself.

KEITH STUBBS: It took a lot of faith. It was really not a smart move. I look back, and I can't believe I left that, being a stock broker, potentially a good career, to do standup comedy. I get so nervous even before every show.

SHAUNA LAKE: You do? Even after all these years?

KEITH STUBBS: Absolutely yeah. There was never a more nerve racking time for me than opening for Joan Rivers.

SHAUNA LAKE: Because of her?

KEITH STUBBS: Yeah there were several things. I was at Kingsbury Hall, two thousand people, that's always daunting, but she scares me. She scared me. And as it got closer and closer to the day, I thought man I can't do this. What if she doesn't like me? What if she rips into me? So the day before I told my wife, I said, "I can't do it. I'm going to back out." And my wife said, "Don't do it. Just do it. She's a legend. You will regret not doing this." Well here's how it worked out. So that night I was on stage, she introduced me, "Ladies and gentlemen, the funniest comedian in our price range, Keith Stubbs." I went out on stage, and I had a great set. And the thing that was so cool, is that while I was on stage, off to my left you can kind of see in the peripheral, not twenty feet away, Joan Rivers watched my entire show. And I was like this is amazing. The show is going well. The audience was very receptive, and Joan Rivers was right there. I knew she was there and she was laughing. And you know I look back at that, that the day before I was ready to bail on it. I was so afraid of what could have happened because it could have gone the wrong way, but it didn't.

SHAUNA LAKE: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

KEITH STUBBS: Me? In ten years? Doing standup comedy.

SHAUNA LAKE: That's a perfect note to end on. Keith, so nice to get to know you better Person 2 Person.

KEITH STUBBS: Thank you.

SHAUNA LAKE: I appreciate it so much.

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