Person 2 Person: Ryan Shupe

Person 2 Person: Ryan Shupe (Photo courtesy Bry Cox)

(KUTV) Ryan Shupe is a Utah musician who you may recognize from Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband. The band has been around for years and is currently on tour promoting their new album.

"That's probably one of my favorite things is playing shows," Shupe said.

Shupe has been involved in the music business for years, although he never really set out to be a musician in the first place. He studied marketing in college, and thought that he may eventually get into that field or something similar. But he also wanted to form a band.

"I just kept feeling that this is what I was supposed to do," he said. "I just kind of felt like my calling was to play music."

You could say that music is in Shupe's DNA. He is a fifth-generation fiddle player. His father taught all of his children to play the fiddle.

"He got us up every morning before school and practiced two hours," Shupe said.

Shupe's dad was a star athlete, but found that music was a way he could continue his legacy. He has spent a lot of his life helping out different bands, and many kids "adopted" him as their own dad.

"He just loves music," Shupe said. "That's just his passion."

Shupe started playing in a band at 10 years old, called the PeeWee Pickers. It was managed by his father. The group toured around, playing in blue grass festivals.

One of Shupe's most recognized and requested songs is "Dream Big."

"I don't know what it is about it," said Shupe. "I think it just has a certain spirit about it. People kind of gravitate towards it. They just really like it."

Shupe wrote the song while he was in college. Someone had sent him a quote that contained the words, "When you dream, dream big." Those words stood out to him and he just started writing. He wrote "Dream Big" in about 20 minutes.

As far as Shupe's dreams for himself, he doesn't try to look too far ahead in the future. "I just try to enjoy what's going on now," he said. "The future, you neveer know what it can hold."

But since Shupe has been playing music for so long, he can't imagine that he'll ever stop touring around.

"That's probably one of the best things about it, is you get to see a lot of the world and make lots of friends and you kind of make the world your home."

Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband is on tour and is playing a few shows in Utah. For that information, and more information on their new album "We Rode On," visit their website.

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