Person 2 Person: Sarah George

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Person 2 Person: Sarah George (Photo provided by Natural History Museum of Utah)

(KUTV) Dr. Sarah George is the executive director of the Natural History Museum of Utah.

She believes that Utah is the perfect place for a natural history museum.

"Utah is beautiful and it gives us all sorts of things that we can talk about," she said.

George and her staff have worked hard to create immersive experiences for museum visitors.

"You smell things, you touch things, you hear things--not just read," she said. "We offer that as well, but different people learn in different ways and so by creating those experiences, it gives everybody the best opportunity."

George has loved museums since she was a little girl. A trip to The Alamo with her family was instrumental in her life.

"I love the objects and the stories that they tell," she said.

She shared the experience of the museum with her grandfather.

"We read all the labels, we talked about the objects--it was a great learning experience and a wonderful, warm memory," she recalled.

After that, her family always stopped at museums while traveling.

One of George's accomplishments as executive director of the Natural History Museum of Utah is opening its new facility, the Rio Tinto Center.

"Everything is bigger than we ever anticipated," she said. "We have more visitors, we have more scientists doing research, and so much of it has happened because it's a great experience for people."

The building itself has become an attraction and was designed to be a metaphor for Utah geology.

George has been with the museum for 25 years now.

"It's not just a place--it's about the people who are there," she said.

Both her husband, a geologist, and her son have been very supportive of her role and the museum.

The most rewarding part of her job is the effect the museum can have on its visitors.

"That they want to come back over and over again, and they have gained an incredible appreciation for the place we live in. When I see that, it just means everything," she said.

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