Person 2 Person: Tim Branham

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Person 2 Person: Tim Branham (Photo provided by the Utah Grizzlies)

(KUTV) Tim Branham is the head coach and general manager for the Utah Grizzlies.

He is known for picking players who are not only good on the ice, but care about their community.

"The guys who are willing to get out in the community are also the ones that are willing to work hard for their teammates and win at all costs," Branham said.

Branham has been playing hockey since he was five years old. He grew up in Wisconsin, a hot spot for hockey.

"I was fortunate enough to be able to coach and get back into hockey," he said. "It's tough to get into the coaching world. Definitely count my blessings that I'm involved."

Branham played hockey professionally as well, and was drafted into the NHL by Vancouver in 2000.

He even played against some of the Grizzlies players he ended up coaching.

But, he suffered several concussions during his playing career.

"It was tough on my mentally," Branham said.

He took a couple of seasons off before going back to hockey.

"That was tough to get back and compete at a high level," he said.

But during his break, he worked in construction and also got interested in firefighting.

"I really enjoyed doing that," he said. "I volunteered for a little bit and I enrolled into an academy down in Florida."

He decided to follow whichever career path came up first---getting accepted into the academy or a coaching job.

A coaching job came up first, and eventually he found his way to the Grizzlies.

"We've had a lot of success here in Utah. It's a great place. Just living here is just amazing and our facility at the Maverik Center is just top notch," he said.

Since hockey has been a part of most of his life, the sport has shaped him into who he is today.

"I'm a relaxed person at home," he said. "When I get to the rink, I can be very intense. That's definitely a learned trait."

He also has a lot of compassion for the people in his life and views himself as a "fatherly figure for the players."

He also cares a lot about the Utah Grizzlies' fans.

"These fans put their heart and soul into our team. And we wouldn't be here without them," he said. "So thankful for our great fanbase."

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