Person 2 Person: YouTuber Stuart Edge

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Person 2 Person: YouTuber Stuart Edge (Photo provided by Stuart Edge)

(KUTV) Stuart Edge is a Utah YouTuber who has made dozens of viral videos and has over two million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He has also just written a book called "On the Edge: How My Crappy Job Changed My Life."

Edge never really thought he'd be making a living off of making YouTube videos. But, "If you would have told me someday that I would have made money being an entertainer I would have believed you, because that's always been what's come natural to me," he said.

He was never a class clown growing up, but was a little bit more reserved.

"I think I had to grow up at a really young age, with my parents going through a divorce and me being the oldest," Edge said.

Right after the divorce, he moved with his mom to the so-called "Mormon Colonies" north of Chihuahua, Mexico.

His mother had an opportunity to teach school there. He was 13 years old at the time, and says it was a "growing time" for him.

Edge discovered humor as a way to just open up.

"When you laugh, you kind of breathe," he said.

He hopes his videos also give people that opportunity to have a break and forget about their worries.

"That is the best thing about doing what I do," he said.

Back in 2012, Edge was working at an unsatisfactory job cleaning porta-potties.

"I was like, 'Ok, this is a great job, but I don't feel like this is where I'm supposed to be,'" he said. "'I feel like there's something more.'"

He felt like he should start making videos. So he bought a camera and took it with him everywhere.

He eventually got a job as an assitant editor making YouTube videos for the company Orabrush. He discovered more about YouTube channels, and decided he wanted to start his own.

Edge made many videos until his first viral hit, the "Mistletoe Kissing Prank." It got 10 million views in its first week.

"That's no the only measure of success," he said. "I haven't had a video hit 10 million views in a week for awhile, but I still feel successful. I still feel like I'm doing good things and I'm actually doing better than I was."

Edge is only 27 years old, so where he does he see himself in 10 years?

"I'd like to continue moving forward," he said. He wants to be more than his YouTube videos.

Edge would love to get into hosting, even eventually host The Tonight Show.

"It's not for the recognition," Edge said. "Those things are just fun for me to do."

And he believes he can make it happen, especially if you want to make a positive impact in the world. "I truly believe that if you're intentions are good and you want to make an impact and you want to use your power for good, go out and do anything you want to," Edge said. "Go pursue your dreams and your passions."

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