Web Exclusive: Special moments Ben Nemtin experienced on "The Buried Life"

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Web Exclusive: Special moments Ben Nemtin experienced on "The Buried Life" (Photo provided by Ben Nemtin)

(KUTV) -- While Ben Nemtin was on a two-week road trip with his friends, they found that many people wanted to help them cross items off their bucket list.

"We connected with them and they felt they were part of the journey. And then the same thing happened for us," he said. "When we helped other people, we were able to step into someone else's life in a moment that means so much to them and you immediately connect with them."

They still have relationships with the people they met, even more than 10 years later.

One special moment Nemtin remembers is a girl they helped get a bionic arm.

She was born without a hand, and her friends were trying to get one for her--and it caught the attention of "The Buried Life" stars.

"We are able to connect with a company that makes bionic arms. They donated the arm, and we surprised her and then followed her as she started to use the hand for the first time," he recalled.

They have stayed in touch with her since then, and Nemtin recently ran into her while speaking at Bowling Green University.

She is studying social work so she can work in a homeless shelter.

"She's doing that because of this experience of us helping her. She wants to give back," he said.

"There's something really powerful, not just in doing what you love, but also helping other people. Because the ripple effect that creates is exponential and you'll never know what the impact is," Nemtin said.

Nemtin also got a lot of support from his parents about this epic roadtrip--even though they weren't exactly aware of what he was doing.

"I didn't really tell them," he laughed.

They only knew he was going on a trip with friends.

But when they reportedly saw it on the news, "they were super supportive."

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