Web Exclusive: Brenna Huckaby's plans for the future

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Web Exclusive: Brenna Huckaby's plans for the future (Photo courtesy Brenna Huckaby)

(KUTV) Brenna Huckaby hopes to continue to inspire her two-year-old daughter, Lilah.

"I just want her to see things through, and be as amazing as she can be, and never let things get in her way," Huckaby said.

Huckaby is also in school, studying finance, and hopes to finish soon.

And of course, she will keep competing and take every opportunity she can.

"I hope to keep competing, at least for another games," she said. "So hopefully more gold medals in my future--I don't know, going to try for them."

The phrase, "Through God, everything is possible," has been something that has helped Huckaby through life's difficulties.

"I believe that you can't do anything alone. Whether that's with your faith, or people. You can't do it alone," she said.

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