Web Exclusive: Dan Young tells the story behind 'Dan's Millionaire Code'

Web Exclusive: Dan Young tells the story behind 'Dan's Millionaire Code' (Photo provided by Dan Young)

(KUTV) — Dan Young started something called Dan's Millionaire Code to help inspire others. He posts videos on Facebook and Instagram.

It all started when he started a project and put a lot of money into it.

"I literally lost a million dollars in 90 days, which was pretty much everything I had," he said. "I was really depressed."

He felt like he had hit rock bottom, but a mentor helped him through it. Eventually the project became one of his most profitable.

So he made a video about his experience and posted it online.

Someone reached out to Instagram, told him about the hard time he was having in life, and that he had been contemplating taking his own life.

But Young's video convinced him not to.

When Young saw this reaction, and how this man had turned his life around, he thought about how he could help others.

"I was like, 'this maybe can make a difference in lives,'" he said.

Young started posting more videos and photos in Dan's Millionaire Code, and has received positive responses.

He cites the need for more positivity in life, especially with high suicide rates.

"If you can give people a glimmer, of not just hope, but actionable items that they can do to fix themselves, get their life back on track, that feels good," he said.

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