Web Exclusive: How Dan Young gets his energy

Web Exclusive: How Dan Young gets his energy (Photo provided by Dan Young)

(KUTV) If you meet Dan Young, you'll notice his high energy.

The reason behind that is a daily routine he follows.

The first thing he does in the morning is read his goals on his phone.

"It fuels me mentally of what I need to do," he said.

Having goals helps give him motivation throughout the day.

"I need to know why I'm doing it, what I'm going to accomplish," he said. "So every morning I write down three major things that I'm going to achieve that day, no matter what."

He has been following this ritual for about 20 years.

The list he comes up with usually has something to do with reaching out to help someone, some kind of physical exertion for 30 minutes, and a business accomplishment.

He got the idea to start this after a customer he met as a broke salesman started to mentor him.

And how he's hoping to mentor others to accomplish the same thing.

"I just want to pass forward everything that I've been taught and maybe it helps people," he said.

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