Web Exclusive: David Howard's writing advice

Web Exclusive: David Howard's writing advice (Photo provided by David Howard)

(KUTV) David Howard believes to be a successful writer in the entertainment, you have to be "single-minded" about it.

"If you have a 'Plan B,' you'll probably never fulfill your 'Plan A,'" he said. "You just have to keep doing it."

He also had a lot of practice by working with grassroots places where they put on their own plays. That way he could have the experience of seeing his words come to life on stage.

Being vulnerable and real is also important in writing.

"If you don't give that, if you don't share what is real inside of you, then it's not going to be very powerful," Howard said.

Howard has learned that having an agenda when you write doesn't serve the story.

"If i decided that I want a piece to say a particular thing, if I have a message, that's never a good choice for me," he said. "Because then as I'm writing it, I start making choices to achieve my end rather than letting the drama that's happening between the characters in my head get in the way of something maybe more interesting."

Howard says writing is really all about showing humanity.

"If you stay true to that, then your work is good, then it's solid," he said. "Then you can feel proud about it. People are not going to like anything, but you can feel like you did what you wanted to do."

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