Web Exclusive: Dustin Shillcox on being an inspiration

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Web Exclusive: Dustin Shillcox on being an inspiration (Photo provided by Dustin Shillcox)

(KUTV) Dustin Shillcox likes to be an inspiration to people for the "right reasons."

He wants it to be about more than him being in a wheelchair.

"I really just want to help people out who are going through any kind of a challenge," he said.

He says that every one has challenges--whether they are obvious or not.

"Just because i'm in a wheelchair you can see what my immediate struggle is," he said. "But that doesn't mean what you're going through isn't more difficult."

Shillcox has always been an outgoing, happy person who has enjoyed his life. He believes he is inspiring others by just living a positive life.

"Really all i'm doing is living. I'm not really doing anything," Shillcox said. "It's just that I got dealt with a really difficult challenge and I'm just living. There's really nothing to it."

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