Web Exclusive: Dustin Shillcox helps others in wheelchairs

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Web Exclusive: Dustin Shillcox helps others in wheelchairs (Photo provided by Dustin Shillcox)

(KUTV) Dustin Shillcox is now a motivational speaker and has the Dustin Shillcox Foundation that helps people who are in wheelchairs.

People often reach out to him to thank him for his inspiration. He also receives a lot of messages from people who have family members who are in a wheelchair or who were just paralyzed.

Those are the people he makes sure to reach out to because there is a lot of things people don't understand about being in a wheelchair.

"It's a total different ball game," he said. "There's so much more that people just can't see."

He tries to give advice and reassurance. But, sometimes that's the last thing people want to hear.

"When I got paralyzed, the last thing I wanted to do was talk to somebody in a wheelchair because that wasn't me. I didn't want to relate to them," he said.

Shillcox has noticed that people often "walk on egg shells" around him and others in wheelchairs.

He explained to Shauna Lake that if you wonder whether or not to help someone in a wheelchair that "the best thing is ask."

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