Web Exclusive: Janice Kapp Perry's music career has been a 'family affair'

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Web Exclusive: Janice Kapp Perry's music career has been a 'family affair' (Photo provided by the Perry family)

(KUTV) Janice Kapp Perry's music career has been a "family affair."

After her husband joined up with her in the music engraving business, her son John joined as well.

"He just took over everything but writing the music. To this day, he is still full-time with us," Perry said.

Some of her children have also been involved in music. Her son, Steven Kapp Perry, and her daughter Lynne have also written their own music.

"We're all in it together," Perry said.

And working together is what made things fun, according to Perry.

"Even with our musical, they were either in the show, running the sound, or my husband driving the truck with the set in it he built," she recalled.

Her husband, Doug, has been a "giant support" and partner in her life.

According to Perry, his health has led her to hire someone else to engrave her music.

"That's when I realized how much he did do for us," she said.

He has always been supportive of her talents, and even once had an impression that she should write 100 hymns.

"I was incredulous," Perry said. "I said, 'How about one hymn?'"

But people ended up giving her poems and other material to help her write music.

"It just grew from there. I was absolutely supposed to write them," she said. "And I've written close to 300 hymns now."

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