Web Exclusive: How Janice Kapp Perry's music affects people

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Web Exclusive: How Janice Kapp Perry's music affects people (Photo provided by the Perry family)

(KUTV) Many of Janice Kapp Perry's songs have come from personal experiences.

She has written music for when children have gone on LDS missions, and even after an infant child passed away.

"I wondered whether to share that one," she said.

She ultimately decided to perform it at a fireside.

"I was surprised how many ladies in the audience had the same experience or similar," she said. "So I thought, 'Yeah, we need to write about the things that mean the most to us.'"

She was also surprised to see how many people sang along to her music when she started doing regular firesides.

"I just thought it was just wonderful," she said. "Because those words are in their minds and hearts, and in their children's, they'll be useful. They'll come back to them in the times they need them."

Perry noted that she has been told that her music has helped calm people, make decisions, and resist temptation.

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