Web Exclusive: Mark Harlan on jumping into the U of U/BYU rivalry

Web Exclusive: Mark Harlan on jumping into the U of U/BYU rivalry (Photo courtesy Mark Harlan)

(KUTV) College football season is now underway, which means a rivalry game with BYU is on the schedule.

U of U athletic director, Mark Harlan, is familiar with rivalries after working at schools like UCLA.

But it seems a little different here in Utah.

"Here, there is so much energy toward the Utes. You can't go anywhere without seeing a license plate, see people wearing the red," he said. "It's just so fun to know that everyone's watching."

He got his first taste of the rivalry with BYU when someone managed to make it look like he tweeted "Go Utah State!" from a fake Twitter account.

"We found out later it was one of the BYU folks that had figured out a way, so I give them credit. I can't give him too much credit or he'll keep doing it," he laughed.

Harlan says the athletic director for Brigham Young University, Tom Holmoe, is a great friend.

"Here's the thing on rivalries: American tradition, they're incredible. We've just got to all behave, remember that they're young people competing, and have a great time," Harlan said.

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