Web Exclusive: Mike McEwan talks about being an entrepreneur

Web Exclusive: Mike McEwan talks about being an entrepreneur

(KUTV) If Mike McEwan were to give advice to an entrepreneur just starting out, he would tell them "just take your time, take it slow. Don't worry about having to be at some certain milestone."

"Be happy with where you're at and enjoy every moment of it," he added.

Even though it was tiring, McEwan has good memories of when he and his wife, Megan, were working hard on Jane.com.

"It's probably one of the times I'll never forget with my wife working as close as we did together," he said. "It was a lot of fun."

Their hard work paid off. Jane.com was named one of the fastest-growing companies and now has 130 employees.

"It's crucial to have the right people on your teams," McEwan said.

And according to McEwan, Utah is a good place for his business because there is an "abundance" of talent.

"There's an entrepreneurial spirit there that exists in other places as well, but here in Utah it's just really catching fire," he said.

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