Web Exclusive: Neal Harmon on what it's like working with family

Web Exclusive: Neal Harmon on what it's like working with family (Photo provided by Neal Harmon)

(KUTV) Neal Harmon worked with his brothers at their ad agency and started VidAngel with them.

"We've worked on multiple businesses together," Harmon said.

Each brother has a different skill set that complement each other. But it wasn't always easy.

Harmon said he had some friction with one particular brother while working on their businesses. But they eventually came to understand one another and appreciate talents.

Harmon says people often bond together when they are working on a struggling business, and hopes success won't change any family relationships.

"I'm trying to stay grounded," he said. "We have to be on the lookout because success is an illusion."

One of his favorite poems is from Rudyard Kipling, titled "If."

"It says that we need to treat success and failure--those two imposters--just the same," said Harmon.

Harmon heard about the poem from his father, who often had some difficulties.

"My dad is my hero," he said, getting emotional.

Harmon believes value isn't determined by success of failure but "it comes by just who we are."

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