Web Exclusive: Rod Decker on his reasons for retirement

Web Exclusive: Rod Decker on his reasons for retirement

(KUTV) Rod Decker is looking forward to spending more time with his wife when he retires.

But he also has plans to be a historian.

"I want to see if I can write. I'm going to have a book--and I'm hoping it's a good book--and I'm going to write articles and I'm hoping to have written some stuff about Utah history so that there will be a body of work there," he said.

After 37 years at KUTV, Decker can't count the number of bosses and owners he has seen.

"You wouldn't think, but when owners change it disrupts the newsroom some," he said.

Decker insists he isn't leaving because his job is no longer fun.

"I'm not leaving it because I don't like it in any way. I'm leaving it because I want to be with my wife and I want to write some stuff. And I'm hoping to become a better person, which I could use," he said.

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