Web Exclusive: Roma Downey on why the butterfly is so significant

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Web Exclusive: Roma Downey on why the butterfly is so significant (Photo provided by Roma Downey)

(KUTV) The butterfly has always been a special symbol to Roma Downey since she was a little girl.

Throughout her life, she has seen butterflies pop up in times of need.

She recalls one of those times when she was a struggling actor sitting in a diner in New York City.

"I had just been rejected for yet another role, and I was beginning to question if this was really what I should be doing with my life," she said.

A waitress came to take her order, and Downey saw a butterfly tattoo on her wrist.

"It was just enough to say keep going, don't give up, you're on the right track," she said.

Stories like that and another special experience inspired the title for her book, "Box of Butterflies."

One Valentine's Day, her husband gave her a white box with a gardenia on it. He told her to open it gently in their garden.

"When I took the lid off, out flew a flock of real butterflies," she said.

She had been writing her book at the time, and thought "Box of Butterflies" would be a perfect title.

And subtitle is "Discovering the Unexpected Blessings All Around Us."

"That I think is meaningful, too, because I know that certainly in my life I've had things happen and at the time they didn't feel anything like a blessing. They felt like an obstacle," Downey said. "But sometimes, we have to look beyond and see there's an opportunity in those obstacles and that sometimes there's no growth without pain."

Her book has been out for only a few weeks, but Downey has already had readers reach out to tell her the book has touched their heart--a true success in her eyes.

"The success for me, it will be if touches somebody's life, if it reminds them of our true nature," she said.

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