Web Exclusive: Stephenie Larsen plans to expand Encircle

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Web Exclusive: Stephenie Larsen plans to expand Encircle (Photo courtesy Encircle)

(KUTV) Encircle CEO Stephenie Larsen believes Utah does have some improvements to make when it comes to accepting LGBTQ youth.

"I do think we are behind the curve, although I get e-mails every day from people all over the country that say that they're experiencing hardship in their communities, so I think it's a problem throughout our country," she said.

The Encircle team is designing their programs to be in communities nationwide. They hope to design it such a way "so that it's not bumping up against their values, but rather blending in and supporting who that community is and trying to find a way to come together and love these kids."

They will start their expansions here in Utah--Encircle has purchased homes in Salt Lake City and St. George.

They hope to renovate the Salt Lake City home and open it this summer.

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