Web Exclusive: Ted Ligety on getting older

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Web Exclusive: Ted Ligety on getting older (Photo: U.S. Ski Team)

(KUTV) Ted Ligety is now 33 years old, and generally ski racers hit their "peak" around 30 years old.

But that doesn't worry Ligety.

"There have been guys winning World Cups at 37," he said. "Guys are able to go longer and longer in their careers."

He believes that's possible if you keep healthy and stay on top of the things you need to.

Ligety has noticed it has been more difficult to train as he has gotten older. When he was 25 years old, he could hit the gym in the morning and head to the gates right after with no problem.

"Nowadays I've got to wake up two hours before I go training to go warm up and all that stuff, so it's a different process now that I'm older and I have to be a lot smarter with my approach, but my plan is to keep racing. I love it and it's a great job."

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