Web Exclusive: Tim Branham says fights in hockey are just 'part of the game'

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Web Exclusive: Tim Branham says fights in hockey are just 'part of the game' (Photo provided by the Utah Grizzlies)

(KUTV) Coach Tim Branham suffered several injuries, including concussions, during his playing career.

"We didn't have to wear a mouth guard in pro, so that's kind of where the concussions came into play," he said. "When I came back, I definitely wore a mouth guard and it definitely helped."

Branham has seen a lot of improvements and awareness about concussions in his career.

"The equipment's better. The protocols are better," he said.

Some leagues also have "concussion spotters" who can take players out of the game when needed.

He has seen fewer concussions in his own players.

"We might have had maybe one minor one this year, and that's it," he said.

Hockey is known for its fights on the ice.

"It's a fast-paced game with hard hitting," Branham said. "With the equipment nowadays, I don't think guys are too afraid to go and hit people because they're so well-protected."

Branham says fights are "part of the game" and in some cases protect other players from injuries.

"It's a combative sport for sure--a lot of adrenaline and passion. But I think that's also what makes it interesting for the fans," Branham said.

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