Social Studies teacher uses technology to take her students around the globe


At Oquirrh Hills Middle School, a social studies teacher is using technology to take her students all around the globe. In Andrea Hogan's Social Studies class, students are visiting far-away places without ever leaving their classroom.

"We've been able to watch videos about refugee camps and different places; what are the issues and what are those peoples individual stories and also hear it from them," said Hogan.

This exploration is made possible through the lens of virtual reality. It's not just virtual reality, Hogan uses several different forms of technology to teach her students, including tools like Adobe Spark.

"It's a really user-friendly platform and students were able to make documentaries," said Hogan

Hogan also uses Canvas, which is a learning management tool.

"It's able to store all of my classroom stuff online and makes it accessible for students at home. They can still access all of that stuff wherever they are, " said Hogan.

Hogan says she takes the efficiency of technology and combines it with the things a classroom has to offer. She says this "blended learning" strategy seems to be paying off. Hogan says she's seen her students make greater connections to places in the world and have learned to master the content they're studying. Next year, she plans to take the lesson one step further.

"Doing more geography, being geographers, doing more GIS online and doing what people in the real world would do with this content," said Hogan.

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