STEM - Covid Information Kits from SUU

STEM - Covid Information Kits

Kids across Utah are back in the classroom in different capacities and they have a lot of questions to ask when it comes to COVID-19. With the help of the STEM Action Center and Southern Utah University students in Iron County are becoming little experts.

The Iron County School District wants their students to feel safe, informed and empowered and that’s where the STEM Center at SUU stepped in to help.

District officials say they had some good ideas, but they didn’t have the tools or materials to put their ideas into motion. SUU came in to fill the void and turn their ideas into reality and with the kits from SUU going into the classrooms, officials say students are learning a lot.

The COVID information kits going into the classrooms are set up for the students to have a chance to investigate, obtain information and then share it with others and they also apply to real life scenarios outside of coronavirus with the teachers being able to incorporate STEM curriculum.

“That’s the beauty of this project”, SUU says, that by helping Iron County build these kits we can help teachers and raise awareness and we are hopeful that surrounding counties will want them once they are restocked and use them in their classrooms.

The STEM Action Center applauds the Iron County School District and SUU in being able to find innovative ways to incorporate real word scenarios into the classroom.

“We know there are a lot of people are going through this for the first time together, and we want them to be able to have a place where they can work together and bounce ideas off each other” says David Wicai from the STEM Action Center.

The STEM Action Center has also set up an open group Facebook page for teachers and parents to ask questions and have an open dialogue about what’s working in and out of the classroom right now.