STEM: SHINE for Girls

STEM: SHINE for Girls

(KUTV) SHINE for girls is a program, developed at MIT, that uses a unique combination of kinesthetic learning (learning through movement) to teach math concepts to middle school girls.

Five middle school students are assigned to a high school mentor who helps them work through the math problems assigned for the day.

The math problems, from the curriculum, are taken from the common core and GRE test questions. The end the school day is spent learning a dance that the students will perform at the end of the 10 day course.

We are create a community of confident, young women. The program hopes to changes girls' perspective of math from I can’t to I can.

Reaching young women in middle school helps encourage and prepare these students to join STEM fields in the future.

Dance promotes self confidence and fosters community. Coupling this with math will help promote self confidence and a community of girls excited about math.