Tech Report: Beartooth

Beartooth. (Photo: courtesy Beartooth)

(KUTV) Jeff Lind joined us in studio to show viewers a product that can help them communicate in areas without cell service -- the Beartooth.

Lind, a partner with Codeword, showed us how Beartooth turns your smartphone into a powerful walkie talkie, even with no service.

It's small and compact for easy storage when hiking, skiing, even everyday activities and situations.

You can connect with any other Beartooth users within a 10 mile radius and talk, text, share your location, and access offline maps.

The Beartooth can be used at places like concerts, busy streets, or anywhere else the network may be crowded and slow.

The product can also be used as a backup battery.

You can pre-order one pair of the Beartooth for $249 via the official website.