Tech Report: Ski Tech, pt. II

Tech Report: Ski Tech, pt. II. (Photo courtesy Codeword Agency)

(KUTV) — We were joined by Jeff Lind, a partner with Codeword Agency, to discuss exciting new ski products.

The NuDown Jacket, for men and women, allows you to fill the jacket with air using a pump in the pocket. This provides a barrier between your body and the cold outside air.

"Your own body heat heats the air trapped inside the jacket, providing constant warmth," product info states.

You can release the air with the pump when weather and/or temperature conditions change. It only takes 10-20 pumps to keep yourself warm in sub-zero temperatures.

The women's NuDown Jacket is available for $600 (reg. $750), the men's for $640 (reg. $800).

Lind also showed us the Hitcase, a professional case that is waterproof, shock proof and fits a mount and lenses for recording your ride.

Its aluminum frame has a molded seal, and is touch ID responsive. It even includes port access.

The Hitcase can be bought for $99.99.

True Lux Lenses are waterproof, anti-reflective and quickly mounts to pro case. This product is available for $34.99-$39.99 each.

Lastly, Lind showcased the Chestr, which allows you to mount the case to your chest to record rides. It is comfortable and flexible, and bends with you.

Using the Chestr, there is no need to hold up a distracting selfie stick to record. You can even change the angles in order to get different shots.

The Chestr is available for $49.99.