Heal Courageously: Metastatic breast cancer awareness

Heal Courageously: Metastatic breast cancer awareness

(KUTV) An estimated 30% of women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer will eventually progress to metastatic breast cancer.

Metastatic breast cancer, also known as stage four breast cancer, affects up to a quarter of a million people in the U.S. every year.

A culinary event to bring awareness about stage four breast cancer and highlight making memories in the face of a metastatic diagnosis, took place last Tuesday. The event was hosted by Mandi Hudson, creator of 'Darn Good Lemonade' and Michelle Marthia, founder of 'Heal Courageously.'

#MetsMatterUtah is not your average pink campaign. The women and men recognized are living with an incurable disease. They are fighting to live another day, month or year.

After these men and women are diagnosed, studies show they have an average of three years to live.

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