Sloan on the Slopes: Adorable 1-year-old Utah snowboarder takes on Park City

Sloan on the Slopes: Adorable 1-year-old Utah snowboarder takes on Park City. As a reward for learning to walk at 13-months, her parents got her a modified snowboard and now Sloan is having the time of her life! (Photo: Zach Henderson)

(KUTV) As a reward for learning how to walk, Sloan, a 14-month-old girl from North Salt Lake was given a modified snowboard to try on the Greatest Snow on Earth.

When she got really serious going down the mountain, she took out her pacifier.

"Even though it was the smallest snowboard on the market, we still had to make modifications to it so her legs weren't so far apart," Sloan's father Zach Henderson wrote to 2News. "We took her snowboarding at Park City for the first time yesterday and she did great!"

In the video her father excitedly says, "yeah, Sloan, yeah. You're cruising babe, you're cruising. You're a boarder. Nice job Sloan!"

She gives her dad high fives and jabbers at her father as she gets ready to go again. She can be seen looking around as she keeps her balance and hums.

On Sloan Henderson's YouTube channel you can see the child got plenty of practice inside the house, and outside before heading up to Park City Mountain Resort.

She got some practice inside.

The little girl even got some grinding lessons on a box set up by her parents in their backyard.

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