The Tech Report: Cahoots Fitness

The Tech Report: Cahoots Fitness

(KUTV) Megan Murff, founder of Cahoots Fitness was in studio.

Cahoots knows that being a mom is the most important job in the world. We also know how impossible it seems to tackle all the demands on your plate every day. That's why moms have created Cahoots--to help healthy moms accomplish two priorities in one stop. Our little ones develop physically and mentally in Cahoot's unique and delightful Movement Preschool classes, while we moms replenish ourselves through fun and effective workouts in the next room over!
Cahoots has worked with professional educators to develop a unique class for children ages 2-5 called "Movement Preschool." It's more than just exercise for kids. These classes are 1 full hour of play, movement, and learning. Children develop fundamental "large motor" skills like throwing, bouncing, balancing, jumping, and tumbling by rotating through a gymnastics station, a sports center, and music & movement time. Our classes are like preschool gymnastics, music & movement, and beginner sports all rolled into one class (and one errand and one expense!). In Movement Preschool the children also learn colors, shapes, numbers, and letters, which stick in their minds because they are learning them through hands-on play time. Exercise is only one benefit of many at this exciting new kids' gym! You have the option to bring your child a few times a month, or five times a week--however often is best for you and your child.
Baby Steps is a class for babies 3 months to 2 years to prepare them for Movement Preschool. In Baby Steps classes, trained instructors leads the babies and tots in songs, games, stories and other engaging activities. The toddlers learn to play with balls and go over, under, and through gymnastics equipment to prepare them for Movement Preschool

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