'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:' Amy Adams, Lois Lane and the modern newsroom

Amy Adams stars as Lois Lane in the Warner Bros. film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

(KUTV) Even the newsroom of "The Daily Planet" isn't immune to the difficult economic plight that has besieged newspapers across the globe. In our interview Amy Adams talks about the changing nature of journalism and the progressive origins of Lois Lane.

Written by Chris Terrio ("Argo") and David S. Goyer ("The Dark Knight") and directed by Zach Snyder ("The Watchmen") "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" continues that narrative that began with 2013's "Man of Steel" as it pits the world's greatest superpowers, Batman and Superman, and sets up events to come in 2017's "The Justice League Part One."

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