'Cameraperson' explores the connection between a story and its cinematographer

Cameraperson (Janus Films)

4 out of 5 Stars
Kirsten Johnson
Genre: Documentary
Rated: Unrated
Recommended to: Anyone interested in the power of the moving image.

Synopsis: For more than a decade Kristen Johnson has been a documentary cinematographer on landmark films like “The Invisible War,” “Citizenfour” and “This film Is Not Yet Rated.” “Cameraperson” dives into the filmmaker’s treasure trove of footage and weaves together to form an intimate portrait of Johnson as an artist.

Review: It’s hard to explain where “Cameraperson” fits into the cinematic landscape. It is most similar to films like “Man with a Movie Camera,” “Baraka” or the “Qatsi trilogy” where we are shown a variety of images that are loosely connected by a central theme of beauty, technology or, in the case of “Cameraperson,” one person’s life as shown through their work.

The clips themselves are pulled from many different stories, but the way they are edited together is illuminating. There is heartache and joy, everything that you want from a film as it uses images that feel universal to tell a very personal story.

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