Coming to Netflix in September 2017

    Coming to Netflix in September 2017 (Photo: Netflix/Disney/Artisan/Paramount)

    (KUTV) I'll be counting down the days until "The Magic School Bus Rides Again" debuts on September 26th, but fortunately there are plenty of titles between now and then to keep me occupied. Everything from a Jerry Seinfeld special, Ben Affleck's "Gone Baby Gone," the return of the Jaws franchise and numerous Netflix Originals (like Lady Gaga's "Five Foot Two" and the third season of "Narcos") that I'll stumble upon somewhere south of midnight. Here's a look at a few titles that I happily recommend checking out.

    Disney's Mulan

    In 1998 I was in the middle of my "Hong Kong Cinema" phase where I actively sought out the films of Jet Li, Chow Yun-fat, Michelle Yeoh, Tsui Hark and the majestic Wong Kar-wai. So when Disney released "Mulan," the story of a legendary woman warrior, I was completely on board. Sure, the voice casting wasn't ideal, but the film was highly enjoyable. (Avail 9/1/17)

    Gangs of New York

    Nominated for 10 Academy Awards, "Gangs of New York" stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Daniel Day-Lewis in a film directed by Martin Scorsese about a young man who returns to Five Points, New York, circa 1863 to avenge the death of his father. It's a bit over the top, particularly when it comes to Day-Lewis, but it still makes for quality entertainment. (Avail 9/1/17)

    Pulp Fiction

    I remeber watching "Pulp Fiction" when the film and its writer/director Quentin Tarantino was something of an unknown commodity. Funny how the times have changed. It started with "Reservoir Dogs," but this is where his career caught the attention of the mainstream. The film single handedly resurected John Travolta's career and was yet another stepping stone for Samuel L. Jackson on his ascent to fame. (Avail 9/1/17)

    Requiem for a Dream

    I remember walking out of director Darren Aronofsky's "Requiem for a Dream" feeling like I'd been knocked sideways by a train. Great performances from Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly make this drug fueled decent into paranoid insanity an unforgettable experience. I wouldn't recommend a double feature with "Trainspotting." (Avail 9/1/17)

    Like Crazy

    When I first saw "Like Crazy" I found the characters' tunnel vision to be rather laughable, but upon reflection I have to acknowledge that love can be a blinding experience that can distract all the senses. And the loss of that love due to outside forces can be devastating. The fantastic cast includes Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence. (Avail. 9/5/17)

    The Walking Dead: Season 7

    I'm currently a handful of seasons behind on "The Walking Dead," but the show's enduring popularity speaks for itself. (Avail. 9/8/17)

    Disney's Beauty and the Beast

    I still greatly prefer the animated version, but there is still plenty of charm to be found in this live action version of Disney's hits. Oddly enough there's far more digital animation on display here than there was in the animated film. Emma Watson is okay as Belle, Dan Stevens is best when he's covered in fur and Luke Evans is nothing short of fantastic. (Avail. 9/18/17)


    Todd Haynes' film about an older woman (Cate Blanchett) who falls for a young photographer (Rooney Mara) working a department store sales counter is a little too polished to be a complete success, but its a beguiling jouney nonetheless. (Avail. 9/20/17)

    Here is a complete list of titles coming to Netflix in September 2017

    Avail 9/1/17

    Amores Perros
    City of God
    Dead Poets Society
    Deep Blue Sea
    Disney's Hercules
    Disney's Mulan
    Gangs of New York
    Gone Baby Gone
    High Risk
    Hotel for Dogs
    Jaws 2
    Jaws 3
    Jaws: The Revenge
    LEGO Elves: Secrets of Elvendale: Season 1 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Maniac: Season 1
    Narcos: Season 3 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL TEASER
    Outside Man: Volume 2
    Pulp Fiction
    Requiem for a Dream
    Shaq & Cedric the Entertainer Present: All Star Comedy Jam
    Shaquille O'Neal Presents: All Star Comedy Jam: Live from Atlanta
    Shaquille O'Neal Presents: All Star Comedy Jam: Live from Dallas
    Shaquille O'Neal Presents: All Star Comedy Jam: Live from Las Vegas
    Shaquille O'Neal Presents: All Star Comedy Jam: Live from Orlando
    Shaquille O'Neal Presents: All Star Comedy Jam: Live from South Beach
    She's Gotta Have It
    The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography
    The Last Shaman
    The Lost Brother
    The Rugrats Movie
    The Secret Garden
    The Squid and the Whale
    West Coast Customs: Season 5
    Who the F**K is that Guy

    Avail. 9/2/17

    Vincent N Roxxy

    Avail. 9/4/17


    Avail. 9/5/17

    Carrie Pilby
    Facing Darkness
    Like Crazy
    Marc Maron: Too Real -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Newsies: The Broadway Musical

    Avail. 9/6/17

    A Good American
    Hard Tide

    Avail. 9/7/17

    The Blacklist: Season 4

    Avail. 9/8/17

    #realityhigh -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM
    Apaches: Season 1
    BoJack Horseman: Season 4 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Fabrizio Copano: Solo Pienso En Mi -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Fire Chasers: Season 1
    Greenhouse Academy: Season 1 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Joaquín Reyes: Una y no más -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Spirit: Riding Free: Season 2 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    The Confession Tapes: Season 1 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    The Walking Dead: Season 7

    Avail. 9/9/17

    Portlandia: Season 7

    Avail. 9/11/17

    The Forgotten

    Avail. 9/12/17

    Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Avail. 9/13/17

    Offspring: Season 7
    Ghost of the Mountains

    Avail. 9/14/17

    Disney's Pocahontas

    Avail. 9/15/17

    American Vandal: Season 1 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    First They Killed My Father -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM
    Foo Fighters: Back and Forth
    George Harrison: Living in the Material World
    Project Mc: Part 5 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Strong Island -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    VeggieTales in the City: Season 2 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Avail. 9/18/17

    Call the Midwife: Series 6
    The Journey Is the Destination

    Avail. 9/19/17

    Disney's Beauty and the Beast
    Jerry Before Seinfeld -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Love, Sweat and Tears

    Avail. 9/20/17


    Avail. 9/21/17

    Gotham: Season 3

    Avail. 9/22/17

    Fuller House: New Episodes -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: Season 1 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    The Samaritan

    Avail. 9/23/17

    Alien Arrival

    Avail. 9/25/17

    Dark Matter: Season 3

    Avail. 9/26/17

    Night School
    Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan
    Terrace House: Aloha State: Part 4 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Avail. 9/27/17

    Absolutely Anything

    Avail. 9/29/17

    Big Mouth: Season 1 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Club de Cuervos: Season 3 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Gerald's Game -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM
    Real Rob: Season 2 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Paul Hollywood's Big Continental Road Trip: Season 1 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Our Souls at Night -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILM
    The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Season 1 -- NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Avail. 9/30/17

    Murder Maps: Season 3

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