KISS demands interviewer remove Iron Maiden t-shirt

    KISS demands interviewer remove Iron Maiden t-shirt. (Photo: MGN)

    (KUTV) — A video went viral Tuesday showing a 2012 interview with KISS, who demand the interviewer, identified as Gustavo, remove his Iron Maiden t-shirt, saying "It doesn't show respect."

    As Gustavo begins the interview, guitarist/singer Paul Stanley leans over, points to the Iron Maiden logo on Gustavo's shirt and says, "I have a question to ask. KISS is K-I-S-S. This does not spell KISS, Gustavo. You made a big mistake."

    Gustavo expresses that he chose the shirt specially for the interview.

    "I don't want him wearing an Iron Maiden shirt," bassist/co-lead singer Gene Simmons says to someone off screen.

    Simmons then suggests to Gustavo that he turn the t-shirt inside-out or wear it backwards.

    "Gustavo is very smart," Stanley jokes. "That's how you get a free KISS t-shirt, you show up with the wrong shirt."

    Gustavo fights back, asking "Do you guys want every journalist to wear KISS t-shirts when doing KISS interviews?" The band responds, saying that it's about courtesy.

    Stanley tries to clarify that they love Iron Maiden, "We love Steve [Harris], we love Bruce [Dickinson], we love Nicko [McBrain]. We love them all, but you're at a KISS concert. It doesn't show respect. You're in our house."

    KISS drummer Eric Singer adds that "if you went to a Raiders game, you wouldn't wear the other team's jersey."

    Simmons finally approaches Gustavo and asks him to do him a favor by turning the t-shirt backwards. Gustavo removes his t-shirt and flips it inside-out. The band applauds in response.

    The band then awarded Gustavo with a free KISS t-shirt, which he put on to finally conduct the interview.

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