Salt Lake Comic Con 2015: Daniel Cudmore

Daniel Cudmore at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

Friday afternoon I moderated Daniel Cudmore's panel where we engaged in a lively conversation with a crowd of fans. We talked about why Cudmore's character in the upcoming Warcraft film is nameless (turns out he's playing a host of Orc characters), why he turned down the chance to be in Deadpool (the offer was low and they wouldn't even commit to using his voice), his recent stunt work on the set of Suicide Squad, how much he sweat in the Master Chief armor and his desire to be in a comedy. You really should have been there.

There were questions I still wanted to ask so I met Cudmore at his booth where we talked about his first impressions of Salt Lake Comic Con, skiing in Utah, taking on the role of Colossus for X-Men 2, the fickle nature of Hollywood, the future of Colossus and working Hugh Jackman and the end of his run as Wolverine.

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