#AmazonClosed trends on social media after folks are abruptly kicked off Amazon

#AmazonClosed trends on social media after folks are abruptly kicked off Amazon

(KUTV) In the past week or so, some online shoppers have been booted from the nation's largest online retailer. Amazon has abruptly shut down access to seemingly hundreds of accounts.

According to an email from Amazon to Salt Lake City man Andrew Liles, whose account was cancelled, he is guilty of either posting product reviews, "in exchange for compensation" or that his "account was used for commercial purposes."

Neither is true, he says.

On social media, hundreds of others around the country have received an identical email. According to those social media posts, many deny having done what they're accused of. Some admit to taking compensation for reviews, but say they only did so years ago, before Amazon made it against the rules.

Amazon's policy against being compensated for reviews only goes back to 2016.

Amazon confirmed they do shut down accounts when the account holder violates the terms of service though didn’t answer a question asking how many folks have been booted recently.

In a statement an Amazon spokesperson writes, "Customer trust is one of Amazon's top priorities. To protect that trust, we take a number of actions, including closing accounts that have violated our policies."

Those affected can contact Amazon customer service, Amazon says.

Liles contacted Amazon. He says that after several , his account was reinstated.

In a subsequent email, Amazon explained why he was kicked out.

“We detected unusual activity associated with items previously purchased on your account,” Amazon wrote. “As a result, we had deactivated your account while we conducted a deeper investigation. Based on that investigation, we have restored access to your account.”

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