Centurylink customers end up in collections after cancelling poorly-working service

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(KUTV) Jessica Carter's family needs reliable internet service.

“We have two teenage girls and they're both 4.0 students,” she says.

Last May, Jessica decided to give Centurylink a try. Just a couple days after installation, however, they found the connection wasn't working well at all.

Jessica says Centurylink dispatched a company technician to her home, and thet tech gave her some bad news: service to her home is just plain lousy and wasn't likely to get better anytime soon.

“We contacted Centurylink and said, ‘Hey, this service isn't working at our house and so we want to just cancel it. We don't want to use you guys,’" Jessicia says.

Centurylink agreed. It had to. Jessica was within the guarantee period to cancel without any cost to her.

That was months ago but now, Jessica has received a collections notice demanding she pay $82.10. She and her husband have tried to resolve the bill, but say they can't get anywhere with customer service which simply repeats that they owe and need to pay.

"They told us they weren't going to charge us for it, and then, after several phone calls and all this time has gone by, they're trying to send us to collections," Jessica lamented. "It's infuriating"

Jesscia decided to Get Gephardt and we reached out to Centurylink on her behalf to ask why they weren't living up to their own policy - letting this customer cancel within the time frame. Nobody wanted to talk about it on camera, but in a statement wrote that the Carters' request to cancel was "improperly entered into our system."

Centurylink’s spokesperson added that the company has “apologized to the customer."

Just like that, Jessica's bill is out of collections – resolved.

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