Custom wheels ordered by a Syracuse man haven't shown up. Neither has a refund.

    Custom wheels ordered by a Syarcuse man haven't shown up. Neither has a refund. (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) Way back in September, Trever Ortegon bought some new custom wheels from a Washington based company called Wheel Motivation. They offered a good deal: four wheels for $2700, Trever says.

    "[The deal was] not too good to be true, but a little better than most, so that's why I ordered them,” he said.

    The wheels have never shown up and the company has stopped responding, he says.

    "I first was getting responses, here and there, a lot of excuses, and then finally they won't respond back," he said.

    In an email to Get Gephardt, Wheel Motivation's owner acknowledged the delay, writing, "I had a lot of funding tied up with processors." The owner stated that Trevor would be getting a refund. 7 weeks later, Trevor says the refund has not arrived and Wheel Motivation has since stopped responding to Get Gephardt.

    Trever is not alone in his frustrations with the company. It's been slapped with an "F" rating by the Better Business Bureau for not responding to complaints. The company has also undergone a BBB advertising review.

    "That means that the BBB noticed something about the company's advertising and questioned it,” explains Utah BBB President Jane Driggs. “In this case, they weren't providing the product when they were actually saying they would provide a product."

    Driggs says Trever’s story is another reminder to research an online company before making a purchase. Driggs also suggests only paying with a credit card when shopping online.

    "With a credit card, if you don't get the product, you can dispute the charge and get your money back within a timeframe,” she said. “You have to watch that timeframe."

    By federal law, that time frame is 90 days which, alas, it too late for Trevor. He says the company strung him along for too long.

    “I think that they knew what they were doing. They postponed me past 90 days, so after that I called my bank, and they said after 90 days we can't do anything," he said.

    Wheel Motivation is registered to do business in the state of Washington so, Trever, you can file a complaint with that state’s division of consumer protection as well as the Utah division of consumer protection.

    Get Gephardt also called the manufacturer of the wheels Trever ordered. A spokesperson told us they have never heard of Wheel Motivation nor its owner.

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