Years later, Google Fiber availability still pending in Salt Lake, Utah Counties

    Residents in Salt Lake and Utah Counties decided to Get Gephardt when they grew frustrated waiting years for promised Google Fiber internet service to be made available. (Photo/graphic: KUTV)

    (KUTV) — Provo was one of the first cities in the country to become a Google Fiber city. The announcement was made back in April of 2013. But five years later, some in Provo are still waiting for that service — and they're not the only Utahns with questions.

    Shana Shelton says she's frustrated. She signed up for Google Fiber more than five months ago for her Provo home.

    “The reason we went with Google Fiber was because one of our son-in-laws had it when he was a student and loved it and really talked up how modern it is and how fast it is and everything,” she said.

    But Shelton has been getting the run around about why the service has not been installed.

    “We've been told, any day now, it's going to happen any day now,” she said. “There's always an issue, but they don't always know what it is.”

    Shana is not the only one frustrated with Google Fiber and the delay in service. Get Gephardt has also gotten calls from people in Salt Lake City saying they, too, were promised service but, three years later, it isn’t in their neighborhoods.

    There have been indications that Google Fiber is struggling to meet demand.

    Google Fiber’s parent company is Alphabet, Inc. In February of this year, Alphabet's CEO, Ruth Porat, said the company is pausing the pace of rollout to new cities. She added that the company is “still implementing and executing in the cities” that were announced.

    When asked about the delays in Utah, Alphabet, Inc.’s hired public relations company wrote to Get Gephardt:

    Building and maintaining a fiber network is a tremendous infrastructure project that takes time to complete.

    The statement did not say anything about the reason for delays or give a time frame for completion.

    A check of building permits in Salt Lake City shows Google Fiber and at least one subcontractor applied for 92 permits to install fiber lines in 2017. So far in 2018, Google Fiber has applied for just six new permits.

    When asked about the drop, Alphabet, Inc.’s hired public relations company wrote:

    We continue to invest in Salt Lake City and we're signing up and installing new fiber customers in Salt Lake City every day.

    Google Fiber’s representative did say they are no longer taking signups for Google Fiber in advance of service being available. Going forward, they'll only allow people to sign up once the service is up and running in an area.

    No timeline was given for when roll out in Salt Lake City would be complete.

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