Garage manufacturer makes a habit of not showing up for scheduled install appointments

Garage manufacturer makes a habit of not showing up for scheduled install appointments (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Stan Hamblin has a family cabin outside Evanston, Wyoming. He was looking for a place to keep his ATVs and snowmobiles safe. That's when he met a guy selling pre-assembled, metal garages.

"I said, okay, I want one,” Hamblin said.

Hamblin paid a down payment on the $2801.50 structure and was told, “it'll probably be up within six weeks."

Fourteen months later, the is still no garage.

The company has completely blown him off. They keep scheduling appointments and promising to show up. Each time, Hamblin drives up to his property, and waits – and nothing.

As Get Gephardt began digging, we found Hamblin is not alone in his frustrations with the company, Coast to Coast Carports.

The company's license to do construction in Utah was revoked after state investigators determined they weren't building things to code, didn't pay when they were sued, and lied on its application to renew its contractor’s license.

Problems with Coast to Coast Carports stretch beyond Utah. The Better Business Bureau has issued an alert about the company, writing the company, “has a pattern of complaints concerning delivery."

"The business consistently cancelled or failed to show for appointments," and, "failed to deliver and install buildings within a reasonable time," the alert states.

When Get Gephardt reached out to the company, we didn't hear back. But almost instantly, Hamblin says he got a call from someone stating they'd be there within the week, ready to install.

Guess what.

Did you guess that the company stood up Hamblin, yet again, leaving him with nothing for his money? If so, congratulations, you guessed correctly.

Get Gephardt’s subsequent calls to Coast to Coast Carports were also not returned.

The company is based in Arkansas.

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