Get Gephardt: Garth Brooks declares war on ticket scalpers as part of Utah visit


(KUTV) Country-music Superstar Garth Brooks is no fan of ticket scalpers. He says it breaks his heart when he hears from fans who can't afford to see his shows - especially when the reason is scalpers hold all the tickets and are jacking up the price.

"I think it's bull****," Brooks said. "The fact that it's legal, that's not cool."

Scalpers, or 'brokers' as many prefer to call themselves, have become a huge industry. People buy up the best seats to concerts then resell those seats to fans at a premium.

It's not just Brooks' words that have scalpers on notice - it's also his actions. On his current tour, Brooks has been offering tickets for $75 per seat. When tickets to a show sell quickly, Brooks adds more shows to the city. The move effectively saturates the market and makes it so that any fan who wants a ticket can get in the doors at face value.

Brooks says it's not fun to "go to war" with anyone but that he considers his grievance with scalpers a fight worth fighting.

"I think what you have to do is you have to pick whatever fight that you can't sleep if you don't fight it," he said.

But Brooks says, don't misunderstand him - while the show schedule can be grueling, he considers it a privilege when markets want to see more of him.

"Nothing out here is tough," he laughed. "Anybody ever tells you this is working you can call them a liar and tell them I said it."

In Salt Lake City, Brooks was scheduled to perform two shows but added two more in response to demand.

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