Get Gephardt: Company balks on honoring warranty

Get Gephardt: Company balks on honoring warranty

(KUTV) When you purchase a warranty, you expect it to cover any issues you might have with the product.

But what happens when you've met all the requirements and the company still won't honor the plan?

It happened to a Farmington man, who decided to Get Gephardt.

We're talking about a warranty on a refrigerator. It has some specifics that have to be met before you're offered a replacement or refund. So, with documented proof that all requirements have been met, why is the company still saying no?

Phil Rogers says he never expected to collect when he purchased a warranty on this refrigerator from Home Depot in 2010, until he started having problems with the appliance.

"The compressor went bad, and a month later it was leaking and went bad again, and they replaced it again," he said.

In total, Rogers says he's on his fourth compressor, three of them replacements. He says he now wants to collect on his warranty's promise.

"They have a lemon policy that says at a certain point they will replace your fridge," he said.

The warranty clearly states, "we will replace a product or part should the same major failure occur to the product or part and require a service call on three separate occasions within a 12 month period."

But when Rogers called Home Depot he says he was given a list of reason why he didn't qualify.

"I've been told that the second visit there are no notes so they don't know if it was the compressor that was replaced therefore I'm not eligible," he said. "And I've also been told it's a different part number that's gone out every time."

Frustrated and with time running out on the warranty this time Rogers decided to call Get Gephardt.

"I paid for what I thought was a 10-year fridge and that's what I'd like," he said.

We called Home Depot, not through their customer service department, but through their corporate office. A representative said he'd look into it immediately.

He sent us this statement: "Our extended protection plan is one of the best, so this is not the experience our customers should have. We apologize to Mr. Rogers for the delay and appreciate the opportunity to make it right."

Just like that, Home Depot made good on the warranty, offering Rogers a full refund.

If you have a problem you can't solve, maybe I can. My number is (801) 839-1250 or you can send me an email address is

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